Nablus: Amid a distinctive celebration, the Bank of Jordan has on Sunday 24th July 2016 announced the winner in the semi-annual lottery for the first million prize for savings accounts holders for 2016. Mrs. Sana Suleiman Hamed Hour, the depositor at Nablus Branch since 2001 and who is currently residing with her family in Nablus won the prize.

The prize was handed over in the presence of Mr. Hatem Al-Fukaha – the Regional Manager of the Bank of Jordan, Mr. Sameh Abdallah – the Manager of the Bank of Jordan branches in Palestine, the male and female staff of the bank’s branch in Nablus and several clients who happened to be in the bank during the handover of the prize.

Moreover, several media and advertising outlets were in attendance to cover the event which spread the atmosphere of joy in the branch. Mrs. Sanaa voiced her strong delight for winning this unexpected prize that will enable her family and herself to improve their living conditions, buy a new house and start a business.

Mr. Hatem Al-Fukaha stated during this celebration that the savings accounts prizes provided by the Bank of Jordan are the biggest nationwide in the framework of the bank’s vision aimed at continuously rewarding its clients and providing the best prizes and services to them. He called on everybody to open savings accounts with the Bank of Jordan or feed their existing accounts to enable them to participate in the lottery and have the chance to win the second million at the end of December this year. He also congratulated Mrs. Sanaa Hour for winning the first million prize and wished success to the other clients in the forthcoming lotteries.

The savings accounts prize campaign complements the other campaigns launched by the Bank of Jordan at the start of 2016, like the campaigns ‘knot untied’, the personal loans for the military and the loans for taxis; thus confirming the Bank’s trend to meet the needs of all segments of Palestinian society in its various sectors and to make things easier for people through its services and diverse campaigns.