The entire branches of the Bank of Jordan in Palestine – yesterday: The management of the Bank of Jordan has distributed gifts in kind and greeting cards to all female clients who have visited the branches of the bank in all the districts of the State of Palestine in recognition of the Palestinian woman and the struggling mother who are struggling in life to up-bring a promising generation that is building this dear homeland. The Palestinian woman comprises half of society and participates in building the Palestinian state.

The Bank of Jordan stresses the role of women and their involvement in all fields. Furthermore, it encourages her to participate specifically in business and in the Palestinian market to enable her to prove her physical presence, to support herself and her family and to be a partner in supporting and promoting the Palestinian economy also.

In this context, Mr. Hatem Fukaha / the Regional Manager of the Bank of Jordan stresses the bank’s desire to be at all times in constant interaction with groups and segments of Palestinian society including active participation in religious and social events as it always strives to provide the best service to its clients and tries to reach of all social groups.

In turn, the female clients of the Bank of Jordan have expreesed  their joy at this gift in kind and thanked the male and femaly employees for  this beatigul gesture.