Gaza: Based on its social responsibility and on the occasion of the blessed month of Ramadan and the approach of EID Al-FITR, Bank of Jordan provided its support to Al-NAJAT Charitable Society to distribute EID clothing to poor families and orphans in the Gaza strip to alleviate their suffering that increased due to Corona pandemic.

The Regional Manager of Bank of Jordan in Palestine, Hatem Al-Fukaha, stated that “this support falls within the integrated series of aid and continuous funding provided by the bank to various sectors of Palestinian society”, while stressing the importance of social solidarity to assist in meeting the needs of poor families and orphans especially in the Gaza strip that suffers from difficult economic conditions.

Fukaha stressed that Bank of Jordan sides with the needy and poor categories in society through its participation and different interventions in cooperation with charitable societies and institutions, while pointing out the bank’s contribution with NIS 750 thousand to support “WAKFET IZZ Fund” earmarked to alleviate the repercussions of the spread of Corona pandemic. Fukaha congratulated the Palestinians and the Arab and Islamic world on the approach of EID Al FITR, hoping that the support in the distribution of EID clothing will draw a smile on the lips of children in the Gaza strip and enable them to celebrate EID like all other children.

In turn, Al-NAJAT Charitable Society thanked Bank of Jordan for this kind step, while pointing out that this project falls within several charitable projects implemented by the society to serve our people in the Gaza strip.