Bethany ‘Ezariya’: With the kind support of the Bank of Jordan, the Public Relations Committee of “Bethany ‘Ezariya’ Youth Club” distributed Eid Clothing for several needy children and orphans in the village of Bethany ‘Ezariya’. It included funding purchase coupons for Eid clothing distributed to children and also the distribution of gifts and toys to enthrall children on the approach of Eid Al-Fiter.

This activity was held at “Bethany – Ezariya Youth Club” with the participation of more than 100 children and their parents chosen after carrying out a prior field survey and the identification of the beneficiaries. It included a special presentation by a clown that included songs and dances for children, coupled with face painting and entertaining games.

Mr. Ibrahim Al-Khateeb – the President of “Bethay – Ezariya Youth Club” thanked the Bank of Jordan and its esteemed management for their support to the club and the cooperation extended by providing Eid clothing for children. He also thanked the club’s management committee for their efforts in coordinating and preparing this campaign.

In turn, Mr. Naseem Khalaf – the Public Relations Officer of the club thanked Mr. Sameh Abdallah / the General Manager of the branches of the Bank of Jordan – Regional Management – and Mrs. Rima Al-Hasan / the Marketing and Public Relations Officer, Mr. Mr. Sameh Al-Sweity / the Branch Manager of the Bank of Jordan in Bethany - Ezariya for their support and cooperation with the club’s management and their for their participation in delivering the coupons and the gifts to the children.

Mr. Hatem Al-Fukaha / the Regional Manager of the Bank of Jordan clarified that supporting children’s activities falls within the priorities of social responsibility of the Bank of Jordan while stressing the important role played by the Bank of Jordan in sponsoring and funding these activities, especially in the areas suffering from adverse economic situations that negatively affect children. He also congratulated everybody on the occasion of Eid Al-Fiter, hoping that this year the occasion carries with it joy to the Palestinian community.