Why Bank of Jordan Palestine?

- For its rich history, experience and management's determination to develop, modernize and achieve a qualitative transformation and competitive financial status that is sustainable and capable of staying up-to-date with the market's requirements.
- For its financial outcomes that reflect the efforts of our team of employees, in addition to the senior management support which providing proper investing in the internal resources and adopting the top niche of systems, procedures and policies.
- For its exclusive service standards that are built on coherent ties with clients. This is done through qualified and motivated team of employees characterized by knowledge, banking culture and experience in different fields of business. 
- For its branches network that are spread across all areas of Jordan and Palestine. In addition to the ATM network in Jordan and Palestine, which offers 24-hours service. Further to that BOJ provides the electronic channels which include IVR, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, and SMS service. In addition to the contact center.
- For its continuous development of banking products and services to meet the needs and expectations of its clients in the business sector. Furthermore, a set of strategic projects were applied to enable the bank to provide the Retail Bundles that fulfill the requirements and expectations of the different segments of customers.
- For its developed IT infrastructure and improved work environment which enable the bank to cope with current and future growth requirements. 
- For its commitment to serve the society and the country in a beneficial way. The bank adopts many social, cultural and charitable activities, as well as providing financial support to many volunteer and charitable organizations working in humanitarian, health, cultural, scientific and environmental fields. In addition to supporting the scientific research activities.