Driven by a sense of responsibility towards the environment and community, Bank of Jordan continues to support and sponsor various scientific, cultural, sports and social activities and charities in Palestine, as it aims to emphasize the CSR concept for being one of the fundamental basis for the Bank’s excellence.


Bank of Jordan pursues its programs in the area of social responsibility through the partnership and cooperation with a group of official and national institutions, voluntary associations and bodies and camps in various educational, health, cultural, social and sport areas, on the basis of the Bank’s mission and its adopted value system. Emphasizing the Bank’s commitment to contributing to the achievement of development at different levels within the Palestinian society, the Bank of Jordan, for the third consecutive year, has renewed its membership at Taawon Organization. The Bank’s membership renewal at Taawon Organization complements the support and partnership throughout the last two years, the most recent of which was the Bank of Jordan’s contribution to the sponsorship of Taawon calendar 2017, which revenues go to the empowerment of the Palestinian women in agriculture projects. Bank of Jordan has also offered its support to the campaign launched by Taawon Organization which aims to plant 40 thousand olive trees in various agricultural lands, in cooperation with several non-governmental organizations and private sector companies. 


Bank of Jordan has further provided its sponsorship to a variety of economic and developmental activities in Palestine, including the sponsorship of conferences such as the International Professional Conference “Auditing Profession and its Role in Promoting Governance and Anti-Corruption” which was held within the partnership between An-Najah National University, Palestinian Association of Certified Public Accountants and Anti-Corruption Commission at An-Najah National University in Nablus.  


Concerning the support of Palestinian youth, Bank of Jordan has supported a food preparation course at the Lutheran World Federation, organized by the Youth Development Department at Arab Studies Society in Jerusalem, which continued throughout four months, and ten dropout students in Jerusalem between the ages of 16 and 25 have benefited from it.


Bank of Jordan participates in the sponsorship and support of charitable events, through supporting the distribution of food parcels to impoverished families in each of Gaza Strip and the West Bank, supporting the distribution of Eid clothing and toys to children with special needs and orphans, the distribution of Adahi meat to poor families, and supporting entertainment events for sick children in hospitals and the distribution of gifts and toys to them, attempting to alleviate their suffering during the treatment, along with providing support to a number of special needs persons in partnership with Palestinian official bodies, associations and camps.

Bank of Jordan believes that its contribution, sponsorship and support offered in the context of social responsibility shall all feed into the development of the Palestinian communityas well as its members.