Bank of Jordan is among the first banks established in Jordan in 1960. since then, the Bank has adopted the development approach in its entire activities and in the scope of its financial and banking operations. It kept up with the accelerated developments witnessed by the banking industry at the local and international levels and participated in supporting the investment and economic development trends in the countries in which it is operating by providing comprehensive banking products and services that meet the needs of individual clients of various segments, companies and corporations. Moreover, it actively participated in national development and private sector projects.

Bank of Jordan is also considered among the first banks that existed in the Palestinian market, as it was the first bank that inaugurated a branch in Jenin – Palestine on 10/9/1963. Moreover, it is the first Jordanian bank to open branches in the west Bank that had been non-existent until the end of 1994, namely Ramallah, Hebron and Nablus branches. The bank strives to meet the needs of its clients in banking products and services in the following cities: Ramallah, Hebron, Jenin, Nablus, Gaza, Al-Ram, Al- Eizariya, Toulkarem, Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

Bank of Jordan in Palestine owns a network of ATMs distributed all over its branches and shopping centers to provide services to the public 24/7. This is besides the electronic distribution channels that include internet banking, mobile banking and SMS services. Since the launch of its activities in Palestine, Bank of Jordan acquired an advanced position among the banks operating in the Palestinian market at the level of assets and liabilities.

Bank of Jordan in Palestine provides its services to all its clients that include individuals, companies and corporations. It also designs special programs for the Palestinian market and implements several strategic development projects and enhances its services and IT infrastructure to support its competitive banking leadership, besides providing the best services and alternatives to its clients.

It is noteworthy that the Bank of Jordan group today includes Bank of Jordan - Jordan, its branches operating in Palestine, Conventional wholesale Bahrain Branch its subsidiary companies, Bank of Jordan – Syria, Excel for Financial Investment and Jordan Leasing Company.