1. Competitive interest rate .
  2. Granting loans without guarantors.
  3. Grace period up to 3 months.
  4. Free Life insurance and Mortgage Insurance.
  5. The possibility of granting loans for Jerusalem id holders in the west bank.
  6. Getting a credit card up to 2000 JOD, exempt from fees for the first year.
  7. The possibility of granting joint loans of husband and wife.
  8. Granting loans in both USD and JOD currencies.
  9. Loan ceiling up to 250,000 USD, with repayment period up to 25 years.
  10. The possibility of buying mortgage loans and refinancing.

Terms and conditions:

  1. Minimum Loan amount is 35,000 $
  2. Salary transfer to the bank.
  3. The possibility of funding in the areas of (a + b) in the west bank.
  4. Real estate evaluation from 2 certified real estate assessors.
  5. Customers bear the cost of real estate evaluation.
  6. First ranking lien on real estate (to the bank).
  7. Customers bear the cost of Mortgage fees.
  8. Customer’s age not to be less than 25 years at the date of disbursement, and is no more than 70 years at the end of repayment period.
  9. One time, 1% commission on loan outstanding at date of disbursement.

Documents Required:

  1. Identification document (ID or copy of passport).
  2. Copy of passport for foreign residents plus annual resident.
  3. Salary slip.
  4. Bank statement of the last Six months (current banks).
  5. Pledge by the customer to the bank to transfer (salary and any financial benefits) in case of resignation or death, issued by place of work to Private sector employees.
  6. Pro-forma Invoice of the real estate.
  7. Tax return for US residents (for the last year).
  8. In cases of buying mortgage loans, a pledge by the other financial institution to bank of Jordan showing all client`s liabilities.