1. Competitive interest rates

2. Ability to finance up to 85% of the property

3. Ability to grant loans in US Dollars or Jordanian Dinars

4. Ability to grant Jerusalem ID card loans in the West Bank

5. Grants are awarded in exchange for salary transfers without the need for a sponsor

6. The loan limit is up to US $ 250,000 and the repayment period is up to 25 years with a grace period of three months.

7. Free life and property insurance.

8. Eligibility for loan buyouts.

9. Possibility to obtain a joint loan (husband / wife)



1. The ability to finance real estate in areas A and B in the West Bank.

2. First class mortgages for the bank in the specialized areas so that the property is available

3. Salary to be transferred to the bank.

4. The borrower must be at least 25 years old at the time of the grant and not over 70 years by the end of the loan.

5. A commission of 1% of the value of the loan is paid only once when the loan is granted.


Required documents:

1. Personal identification documents

2. A salary slip and a pledge to transfer the salary from the employer

3. A bank statement of fundamental assets to the customer from the client’s bank for the past 6 months

4. Documents related to the property