Bank of Jordan is one of the major banks operating in the Kingdom and provides comprehensive, diversified and advanced banking products and services to the retail sector. These products and services fulfill the various needs and expectations of this wide-ranging segment of customers, as they are provided at a high level of quality and service. They include additional competitive advantages, whether for financing or savings, based on the Bank’s long experience that extends more than 50 years in the banking industry.

The Bank also conducts studies on the needs of the retail sector and works to meet the requirements within innovative and integrated banking programs.

Bank of Jordan offers its banking services through advanced outlets and a modern service environment as its branches are situated in more than 90 locations. The geographic presence is complemented by a package of electronic services that the Bank offers its clients. Such technological tools include the Automated Teller Machine (ATM),  the internet bank, phone banking and short messages services (SMS).

For more information, please visit any of our branches or contact our Call Center around the clock at 2952703 2 00970, 2952702 2 00970 or 2952704 2 00970 

You can also contact us via e-mail at:, 2952703 2 00970