Bank of Jordan has been one of the first banks that have existed within the Palestinian market, which renders highly advanced but comprehensive banking services and products to the individuals sector, which in turn meet different requirements and aspirations of this wide range of clients, with this very particular and apparent level of high quality services, additional competitive merits whether in fields of funding or saving, but all such have been based onto the Bank long standing expertise in the banking industry, for more than 50 years, further to studying well the needs of individuals sector and working hard effectively to meet their requirements within very creative but fully integrated banking programs.

Henceforth, Bank of Jordan does render its banking services through very developed distribution terminals and within a modern but updated service environment, with branches covering various areas of West Bank and Gaza Strip, spreading also in more than 90 locations in Jordan and in Palestine, as well as a set of e-services being provided by the Bank to its clients, which include: ATM Service, Internet Banking Service, and SMS Service.

For further information, do kindly visit any of the Bank of Jordan branches, or contact us on Tel.: (00970 2 2952702), (00970 2 2952703) or (00970 2 2952704), or communicate with us on: