Visa Electron Card from Bank of Jordan offer instant and various banking services including (cash withdrawals, cash, balance inquiries, balance transfers and other services), through Bank of Jordan's ATM network in more than 120 locations throughout the Kingdom. They also enable holders to withdraw cash, inquire about balances from any ATM machine that bears the logo (VISA), in addition to settling purchases through Points of Sale (P.O.S) in the Kingdom and abroad.

Advantages of Visa Electron Card

  • Free issuance and renewal.
  • No commission for withdrawal from Bank of Jordan’s ATMs.
  • Possibility of cash withdrawals from the wide network of Bank of Jordan’s ATMs in Palestine and Jordan.
  • Possibility of inquiring about card transactions through the internet bank.
  • Account Statement for the last 10 movements through any ATM of the Bank of Jordan.
  • Validity of the card for five years.
  • Possibility of using Visa Electron Card for direct payment at points-of-sales showing the Visa sign in any place in the world.